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 Samsung TruDirect

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مُساهمةموضوع: Samsung TruDirect   الأحد 01 أبريل 2012, 10:22 pm

Samsung's new TruDirect SE-S204S DVD burner lets users burn DVDs from
their camcorder or digital camera without first transferring video to a

Samsung is trying to make it easier for families to create custom DVDs
of their home videos—and while they haven’t eliminated the home computer
from the process altogether, they have reduced it to the role of a
passive intermediary, merely serving as a conduit between a user’s
digital camcorder or camera and Samsung’s new TruDirect SE-S204S DVD

“As a global technology innovator, Samsung has always been at the
forefront of optical disc drive technology and further pushes the
technology envelope with the introduction of the new TruDirect
SE-S204S,” said Samsung’s storage division’s western regional manager
Richard Aguilera, in a statement. “The TruDirect SE-S204S enables users
to easily and efficiently turn their digital videos or photos into DVDs
in the easiest and fastest way ever.”

The idea behind the TruDirect SE-S204S is to eliminate the steps of
transferring digital video to a PC’s hard drive, firing up DVD mastering
software, and attempting to burn a disc. Instead, the TruDirect
SE-S204S enables real-time, quick-and-simple transfer of digital video
to DVD: Samsung says creating a one-hour DVD takes only about an hour
and five minutes with the TruDirect SE-S204S; and creating the same DVD
from a hard disk camcorder file takes only 30 minutes.

The TruDirect SE-S204S features 20× DVD+R and DVD-R writing, 16× DVD+R dual-layer writing, and 12× DVD-r and DVD-RAM burning.

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Samsung TruDirect
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